Apsara Dance Show – Siem Reap

Apsara Dance Show

Apsara dance performanceApsara is in Hindu mythology a female spirit of the waters, but there is not just one Apsara. They come in many forms. There is a lot to be found on internet about Apsaras. The other meaning of Apsara is the in 1995 established Authority for the Protection for the site And management of the Region Angkor. This all of course in and around Siem Reap, Cambodia. The Dance show is for that matter related to both the Apsaras.

Apsara danceThe Apsara Dance Show is the same or similar in all venues, dance and storylines behind the dance acts and performance. So in your choice about which Dance Show you go, you don’t really need to consider the dance part. It has to be said, at the big other venue you can’t really hear the announcer because of the noise of people and food plates. In this venue you hardly understand the explanation about the dance as the announcer speaks English in a way that you have no idea what she’s saying.

Por Cuisine

Apsara dinner & performance areaApsara Dance Show location is at a place called Por Cuisine, which isn’t far from downtown. The place is relatively small. Also the stage is quite small. The setting is well done for all guests to see the show properly. You will be guided to a (often booked) table. What follows is the ritual of an exclusive restaurant. The cloth will be placed on your lap. Menu’s and recommendations will be given. All stylish. They absolutely give you a different impression compared to the other big venue, but there lies exactly a point of discussion. There are people who don’t want extreme one side or extreme other side. How about something in the middle for everyone?

Apsara something to eatPoor cuisine could be a better name. The quantity of food that you get can be seen as an offence or a joke. Alright, let’s make clear that you don’t pay for the Apsara Dance Show. That’s included in your meal and therefore they could charge more for food and drinks. Fair enough. Food being served at separate times for two people isn’t a plus. First getting your fish (with a bit of sauce only) and getting the (cold) extreme little bit of sticky rice 5 minutes later isn’t a plus either. The three pieces of oven warm breads with butter at the beginning doesn’t make up for that, and won’t fill your stomach either.

It needs to be mentioned too that you can order western cuisine and Khmer cuisine. The Khmer cuisine ordered by writer of this article wasn’t available and it has to be said that the Khmer cuisine wouldn’t be eaten by a Cambodian. Hardly anything to do with it but for unknowing tourists you can give it any name and taste.


Apsara dancePeople from some nationalities don’t give a damn about sphere. They pay for food and not for sphere. Por Cuisine is totally focused on westerners. That’s clear. That seems to mean a little food for a high price. Clean looking place and quiet. You feel welcome. They care for you. You can give your camera or phone to a waiter to take pics here and there around the place. At the end of the Apsara Dance Show you even get the possibility to get on stage with the performers for pictures. Nice and special and a nice attribute to the attention they give you as guest. A plus.

Apples ‘n Oranges

Apsara danceComparing would be the all known apples ‘n oranges. The big venue Tonle Mekong is focussed on Chinese tourists. With a $12 ticket fee and an unlimited buffet plus dance show. Apsara musicOn the other side is the small Por Cuisine with no ticket fee but for a simple very small meal and let’s say two glasses of beer, you pay a bit over the $12. Include the cost for the tuktuk to get to the location. The main differences are the quantity of food, the sphere and the posing with performers after the dance show. Pick your venue! An impression video of the Apsara Dance Show can be seen hereĀ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLRQkp9qzk8&feature=youtu.be


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