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Angkor Sante Polyclinic buildingWhen you are traveling or being an expat in Asia, you can always get some kind of illness. Hopefully not too serious, but still enough to make you worry and want to have things checked. Where do you go? It depends on your personal situation. In case you have an insurance, you won’t be bothered too much about the price of a clinic, although you have to pay yourself in advance to get it refunded by your insurance company later.

When you aren’t insured for whatever reason, you might look around for a balance between quality help and affordability. In case you are on real low money to spend, then the best option will always be a government hospital. Public hospital. Private hospitals or clinics are always more expensive. They have a kind of business model. Profit making is a big part of their treatment. Part of that is that you usually walk out with seven different kinds of medicines, of which most are not needed. Of course they will sell you the expensive imported medicines and not the cheaper ones made local. How different at the Angkor Santé Polyclinic.

Angkor Santé Polyclinic

Angkor Sante Polyclinic waiting roomIn case you get sick in Cambodia while you’re in Siem Reap, there are several options to get help. One is the British Khmer Clinic. Another one we like to inform you about here is the Angkor Santé Polyclinic. The first thing you notice when you walk in this polyclinic is the stillness and cleanliness. No noise and crowds like in public hospitals, but a few nurses and doctors sitting at a desk or walking around. A few patients max are waiting.

The reception is straight after coming in and you ask them for a check up. They tell you to sit down, without asking your name and ID. Within a minute or two a nurse comes to take you to a small room. Within one minute a doctor shows up for a talk and check. It might be possible that he says to return another day to talk with the correct specialist. In that case you walk out, without an official appointment and without paying anything. It’s not totally clear if you pay this short visit together with the next visit. You might not return there, so that would be strange.

Check & Cost

Angkor Sante Polyclinic billA check with the correct specialist cost $10. A blood test depends on what exactly they are going to test on. Let’s give as example four things like STD’s, TP level in your blood and another two things and one injection of some sort. You walk out with paying $40. An injection following days cost you $5 each time. Affordable enough. It’s done within minutes. It’s all looking organized and professional. They never ask for an ID it seems, although you do have to write your name at some point. You’ll get payment receipts.

We have to mention that not everything is cheap at the Angkor Santé Polyclinic. Removal of a hemorrhoid can cost you around $1200 and the specialist could give you a better follow up information in some cases. What to do or what to take. At this clinic you can easily walk out without medicines, or nothing that you won’t need, as you get in many private clinics or hospitals. The overall impression and experience with Angkor Santé Polyclinic is more than satisfactory.

How to get there

Angkor Sante Polyclinic Grab tuktukThe location of this clinic is at Lok Taneuy Rd. This is not around the tourist area, but it’s also not that far. When you are in Siem Reap, it’s advisable to download or have the Grab app (similar to Uber). In Siem Reap there is also PassApp, but Grab will do. Actually, you can order a Grab and get picked up by a white tuktuk with the PassApp sticker. Choose the tuktuks and you can get to the Angkor Santé Polyclinic for about 5500 real, less that $1.5 one way. Another normal tuktuk charges you at least double. The Grab is at your pickup place within 5 minutes. You can often ask them to wait without being charged extra. The drivers all speak English.

A clinic is never the thing you wanna experience while being abroad, but you can make it a more horrible experience by going to public hospitals or choosing the wrong clinic. Angkor Santé is a good choice to go.

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    1. Robert Strefski

      We don’t know that regarding Angkor Sante. Maybe you can mail them about it. We do have a pricelist for full body check in our post of Calmette hospital in Phnom Penh. Take note that the prices mentioned on that list are for Khmer people. It’s double that price for foreigners.

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