Angkor National Museum – Siem Reap

Angkor National Museum

Angkor museum buildingThe Angkor National Museum is located just about 2 km out of the Siem Reap tourist area called Pubstreet. Just before the container market and the Angkor Regency Hotel. The design of the Angkor National Museum is that of the Angkor Wat tower. In case you have only a one day ticket for visiting Angkor in real, this Museum can be of great support. You can learn about the different era’s, the different type of stones and designs used, and so much more information about Angkor’s temples and everything related to it. A guide can do hardly any better.

Ticket – Camera

Angkor museum ticketThe entry price for the museum is $12, but they have a system that you can buy the ticket at your hotel. Pay $2 for a ticket and then pay with the ticket $9 at the museum. In this way you save $1. There are promotions at times on their official website that offers tickets for $9. For $5 extra you can get the headphone to take the audio tour. Filming, recording, phones, cameras, etc, are only allowed at certain open areas of the Angkor National Museum. So it’s not inside any of the galleries.

Due to this rules, visiting the Angkor National Museum is of little value regarding remembering so much information. The same issue with taking a guide at the real temples and therefore only a book can help you with that once you’re back home. In case you do wanna give it a try by filming, watch the CCTV and the employees inside the galleries.


Angkor museum gallery entranceAfter the introduction room where you get some info about the Angkor National Museum, you go on to the first gallery. This is the 1000 Buddha images gallery. Buddha statues in all sorts, sizes and positions. Although Angkor was established as a Hindu place, it’s known for and linked to Buddhism too. Gallery A is about Khmer Civilization. The origin of Khmer Empire. The following is gallery B: Religion and Beliefs. The reflection of Khmer’s beliefs.

Angkor museum outside galleryGo on to gallery C for The Great Khmer Kings. The great inventors. Downstairs you’ll find gallery D: Angkor Wat. The heaven on earth. Walk on to Gallery E for Angkor Thom. The pantheons of spirit. Gallery F shows you Story from Stones. The evidence of the past and the last gallery is G: Ancient Costume. The fascination of Apsara. In those galleries you’ll find films that can be played on big screen in about five different languages. Also there are statues, panels, information, etc.

Souvenir Shop

Angkor museum souvenir shopThe souvenir shop is probably one of the most ridiculous rooms of the Angkor National Museum. That it’s prohibited to use a camera in the galleries can be understood, but that it’s prohibited to take a picture in the souvenir area can be called strange the least. It could even help them in sales when you aren’t sure what to choose from the variety of souvenirs being sold. You could send pics to people and get immediate reply what to bring for them. Angkor museum warning signs at souvenir shopWhen you see the signs with warnings about stealing and police, you might wonder what they have for experience. It’s almost impossible to touch anything or walk around without being followed by staff or having them on your lips.

That being said: The variety of items is big. From polo’s and t-shirts with a $13 price tag, to purse ($12 simple thing), handicraft, post cards, books, shawls, mugs, soap and aromas, and many, many more. Not cheap and it must be said that most of the items can be bought outside on the many night markets in town for cheaper. Same designs, same items.


Angkor museum mapIt must be said that the overall impression of this museum is of high standard. It’s clean and well organized. There is a nice coffeeshop halfway the galleries for a break. Enough clean toilets and even toilets for wheelchairs.Angkor museum coffee shop and ticket office (left) Plenty of employees to help, or to check you. Overall it’s quiet. An impression video of the Angkor National Museum can be seen hereĀ


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