Ancol Marina Jakarta – trip to Pari Island

Pari Island / Peta Kepulauan Seribu – How to get there

Ancol to Pari island SpeedboatWhen you are in Indonesia and have spare time. A few days Jakarta, or any other reason, then a place to recommend to go is Pulau Pari, in English that means Pari Island. The only thing you have to do is get yourself to Ancol Marina, in the north of Jakarta. The bay of Jakarta. The harbor where the boats depart to Petu Kepulauan Seribu as it is more well-known for by Indonesians, which means in English the thousand islands.

Ancol to Pari island MapYou can get there by taxi or by Grab (Similar to Uber) car or motorbike. From a hotel in north Jakarta it cost on motorbike around 25000 rupiah ($1.70). From central Jakarta it will be a bit more than that, but won’t be over a few dollars.

Online booking

Ancol to Pari island Failed Online BookingYou can book your speedboat tickets from Ancol Marina online for just over $10 one way. The information can be somewhat confusing about the boat tickets. Online you might see info about a departure time at 8 am only and a number of 50 seats. This gives you the idea that there is only one boat a day going to the islands with a total capacity of 50 people. This is not the case.

Ancol to Pari island TicketsAnother confusing thing is that when you look for online booking the day before you plan to go to Pari island or one of the other islands, you will be surprised with a notice on the bookingssite that mentions ‘Oops, no trips found for this date’, which might give an impression of being sold out. The matter a fact is that the online sales stop 24 hrs before departure.

This means that you can still get yourself to Ancol Marina the morning of departure. Just make sure that you’re there about 40-60 min before to get a speedboat ticket. Midweeks this shouldn’t be a problem. In the weekends it’s more crowded because of the number of Indonesian people that are going on a weekend outing to Pari Island.

Ancol Marina

Ancol to Pari island Ticket counter next to supermarketOnce you reach Ancol Marina from the only main road that runs along a river, you can see the ticket counters entrance next to some kind of amusement park. There you will be charged for a car or a motorbike (15k rupiah – $1) to bring on the compound and for yourself 25k rupiah (just below $2). Follow the signs on the road all the way to the boats. When you reach there, big chance a guy is waiting to get you to his agency. The one at the corner next to a small supermarket, the first one visible. There you buy tickets for 125k rupiah one way ($8), which is $2 cheaper than booking online.

Not sure if it’s mandatory to buy a return ticket too. They do ask you about hotel booking, show the booking on your phone or print, etc. Some kind of talk about any issue on the island itself, which afterwards looked more show than reality, as nobody asked anything at arrival. No need to have an already paid booking either. The very friendly and good English speaking lady explains you all and points you to which small pier or dock you have to wait to get on the boat. They will call your name there when it’s departure time. How helpful and clear it all is.

Ancol to Pari island scenary on the wayThe boat tour from Ancol to Pulau Pari takes around 60-75 minutes with a speedboat. The lady at the agency told that there is not just one boat or 50 people a day limit. Good to know. As the boat stops at several islands, it might be confusing which island you get off the boat. Nobody is telling you and from all other passengers nobody might tell you either. Actually, nobody dares to come sit next to you for whatever reason.

Ancol to Pari island Arrival at PariUsually it’s the second island stop to Pari Island. Not the second stop overall, as it might happen that the speedboat stops one more place at Jakarta itself. The signs on the island itself are not good visible from the boat. Ask around and someone surely will tell you that you are at your destination. Overall it’s an easy trip to figure out and get yourself alone or in company to travel to the thousand islands. Keep in mind that weekends are more crowded.

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