Alcohol & Posting regulated by Thai law

Alcohol & Posting laws

BeerIt’s hard to imagine that a country that receives nearly 40 million tourists a year under normal circumstances. Has one of the strictest alcohol laws and policies. The 2008 alcoholic beverage control act prevents anyone from posting and alcohol advertizing. Meaning expressing the name or sign/logo/trademark of a beverage. In the wider context this means also posting & alcohol on your social media.

Alcohol & Posting Cannots

– posting of a drink (online) with the brand visible.

– posting a bottle which makes it clear what brand it is.

– encouraging people to drink

– posting properties of drinks

– showing appreciation or urging people to taste

– posting a beer glass with a brand on it.

– translating news or writing about alcohol even though the drinks are not available in Thailand. It could motivate people to fly to buy it.

Chang mineral water– never post alcoholic drinks not sold in Thailand. It could create craving under people who then try to buy it.

– posting a gift with the logo of a drink, even though the drink isn’t visible implies that someone bought the drink.

– no matter when a post or pic is placed. As long as there is alcohol or brand names visible you can always be charged. More here

On social media 

Hundreds of online users finedThe following sounds ridiculous. Imagine going out with friends or on a date and unconsciously taking pics of the items on the table. You wanna show your FB friends and post it. Bam, there you go. You can expect a 50.000 baht fine ($1600). It can be seen as encouring others to drink. The punishment is between 50k and 500k baht and/or 1 year jail sentence.

What else

Limited hours for selling alcoholBars and pubs are officially not allowed to have light advertizements from breweries. Most breweries got smarter by producing water too and write in small under their big logo, mineral. Liquor shops are only open during official sales hours. Meaning between 11 am – 2 pm and between 5 pm – 12 midnight.

Convenience stores follow the same times regarding alcohol sales. Gasstations don’t sell alcohol. At bus stations you won’t find alcohol. Neither at the 7-eleven located there. In public transport is alcohol banned. In case you’re going on a 12 hrs trip by bus or train. We can only suggest to you to buy a big coke bottle, empty half of it. Then refill it with whiskey or so to mix it. Take some mentos fresheners for the mouth and you’re all set. Although this is not meant as an encouragement 😉.


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