About Us

Who are we:

Robert Strefski is a EU citizen, who is living and traveling in Asia for 16 years. His experiences give a lot of knowledge in many different fields related to living, working and traveling in Asia. Robert has personally seen and experienced changes over the years in many different ways, areas and subjects. From development to voluntary work and from outsourcing to tourism, to name a few. Thanks to his continuous efforts to live in different places, returning to places and keep traveling to new places for both living and traveling, the Asia info will be kept up to date. This together with his friend Erik.

Erik Bramski is a EU citizen who occasionally travels in Asia. He is the webmaster of this site and Erik also writes articles to share his traveling knowledge and info on this website.

Goal of this website:

The ultimate goal of this site is that as many people as possible can benefit from the ever continuing and expanding knowledge, experiences, adventures and other info of Robert, Erik and everyone else contributing to this site. To be a platform for anyone planning to live and/or travel in Asia, or already doing so. Also a platform for people who like to write and share about living in Asia or traveling in Asia.

Guest writers

Guest writers are always welcome to share their info, knowledge and experiences on this website. Of course, from their own perspectives and point of view, so that all visitors of this site can benefit in one way or another.

Contact us if you have questions, suggestions, ideas or anything else related to living in Asia and Traveling in Asia.