Living in Asia and Traveling in Asia

Living in Asia         

A lot of things will be different from what you are used to when you are living in Asia. Sometimes another culture can be overwhelming. Totally different traditions, different rules, respect forms, systems, and so on. Living in Asia can be a challenging experience. Power outages, lack of proper internet, visa’s and permits, bank issues, ownership regulations, corruption and the list goes on. It’s not an easy task to settle down and start living in one of the many Asian countries. We are sharing our experiences and knowledge for expats to be. In case you have anything that could be a contribution to this website, pls contact us about it and we will make sure that it will be placed as article or used by us.

Traveling in Asia

Traveling in Asia can be done in many different ways. By package deals or more adventurous by figuring out on the way where you go next, what you do and for how long. Some people prefer hanging two weeks on a beach while others go for safari, diving, hiking or any other activity. Some travel luxurious while others go backpacking.

The Asian continent is developing rapidly. Rules and laws change with new governments. Our goal is to provide information, knowledge and experiences about anything imaginary. Countries, cultures, places, habits, adventure, visas, permits, tickets, hotels, banks, restaurants, jobs, sightseeing, housing, transportation, prices, bargaining, scams, food, borders, airports, hospitals, airlines, nightlife and all else that can come your way while Living in Asia or Traveling in Asia.

There is always something unexpected, surprising or unknown showing up while living and traveling in Asia. Sometimes positive, sometimes negative. People will have different knowledge, experiences and stories about living and traveling in Asia. Feel free to comment on any of our posts or participate on this platform. A FB page and YouTube channel are connected to this website too.

We wish you a good travel or good stay in Asia!!

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