Living in Asia and Traveling in Asia

Living in Asia    

LIA (Living In Asia) is a site that provides a lot of inside information about Asia from own and others experiences. We bring a mixture of posts that exists of actual news selected from online news/media channels, together with posts about anything of a particular country and topic.

Totally different traditions, different rules, respect forms, systems, do’s and don’ts and so on. Living in Asia can be a challenging experience. Power outages, lack of proper internet, visa’s and permits, bank issues, ownership regulations, corruption and the list goes on. It’s not an easy task to settle down and start living in one of the many Asian countries.

Traveling in Asia

Traveling in Asia can be done in many different ways. From package deals to more adventurous ways. Some people prefer hanging out on a beach while others go for safari, diving, hiking or any other activity. Some travel luxurious while others go backpacking. We have regular posts about overland trips and border crossings. About visa or money issues. Airports and immigrations. Transportation and ticket prices. Health facilities, etc.

The Asian continent is developing rapidly. Rules and laws change frequently. Our goal is to share information, knowledge and experiences. Scams, food, nightlife, sightseeing and all else that can come your way while Living in Asia or Traveling in Asia.

There is always something unexpected, surprising or unknown showing up while living and traveling in Asia. Either positive or negative. Feel free to comment on any of our posts. Subscribe to our site and YouTube channel and like our associated FB page.

We wish you a good travel or good stay in Asia and most of all, stay healthy!

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